Our new website is live, come back regularly to see new updates.

This post lists the progress of migrating data from the old website to the new one.

Our old site cmhas.wikispaces.com remains operational for a short period as sections from it are migrated more and more of the old site will point to this new site, however please be patient at we have 560 pages and 2.5Gb of images to migrate!


Added Making dew heater controller and dew bands to equipment section


Added Automatic Photometric Telescope post to Papers  and Equipment sections


Added new post for BAA Exhibition meeting in 2010
Added new post for BAA Summer Exhibition Meeting 2012
Added Paper
Added Paper
Added Paper


Added book review posts

Updated Aurora page

Added news posts

Updated Atmospheric Optics Page and added some posts


Added Frankenscope to equipment section

Added Observatory Section


Added post on summer BBQ

Fixed Event section which wasn’t displaying event posts


Updated space Junk section and added post


Added Equipment Section and added to Activities menu

  • CEM post
  • Drift scan post
  • Battery Free electric focuser
  • DIY Finderscope
  • Variable Barlow
  • Large Telescopes

Added Variable star page and 3 posts showing observations


Updated Mars Page


Added Spectroscopy page


Added post for 2015 Lunar Eclipse – all Lunar Eclipse reports from old website are now covered.
Modified the Programme- you can now import our programme into your own Calendar!


Added page on Detecting meteors with Radio
Updated Lunar Eclipse Page added posts for 2001 and 2007 Lunar Eclipses


Complete upload of member solar images
Papers section added and 2 papers published
Meteor Page updated with posts for previous society reports of meteor showers
Radio Section Added, added SID page
Double Stars Section Added


Comet page updated, including all the previous comet reports by the society.
Venus page updated with members images plus a paper on the dichotomy of Venus 
Sun pages updated with members images