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Solar Observing at Hall Place & Gardens – Sunday 6th August 2023

by WebMistress

NEVER LOOK AT THE SUN DIRECTLY. Please click here for solar observing safely. Sunday 6th August 2023 – What a glorious day to be out solar observing which is what Crayford Manor House Astronomical Society Dartford (CMHASD) where doing at Hall Place & Gardens in Bexley.  What a busy day it was too! Several telescopes were set up […]

Informal Nights at the Society

by WebMistress

A few photos showing what members get up to on our ‘informal nights’ at the Society.  Activities range from observing, testing/setting up members’ latest equipment purchased, fixing members’ equipment, presentations, general chit chat & banter plus games. 20th July 2023 27th July 2023 Good weather so members took the chance to observe. Dave, Steve & […]

Our Active Sun by Simon Dawes

by WebMistress

More stunning images of our active Sun taken by member Simon Dawes in the later half of July 2023.  Details of how Simon acquired his images are on the photos. For more information about the Sun, its structure, atmosphere, sunspots, solar cycle and magnetosphere click on 12th July 2023   26th July 2023   […]

Noctilucent Cloud (NLC) – 5th July 2023

by WebMistress

Noctilucent clouds put in a rare appearance on the 5th July 2023 from around 10.50pmish until 11.30pm and a few lucky CMHASD members got to see them 🙂 Below are the photos that members Jim Burchell, Diane Clarke, Martin Crow and Sonia took of the clouds. Jim’s NLC images, taken with a Pentax KP. Diane’s […]

Comet C/2023 E1 (ATLAS) by Dr. Mike Rushton

by WebMistress

A rather splendid image of Comet C/2023 E1 (ATLAS) taken by CMHASD trustee and secretary Dr. Mike Rushton on the 12/13th July 2023 in Ursa Minor.  Mike wrote ”This is C/2023 E1 (ATLAS) last night.  Approx Mag 14.5 with a greenish coma. The bright star in the image is Mag 7 and the limiting Mag […]

The Sun in June 2023 by Simon Dawes

by WebMistress

NEVER LOOK AT THE SUN DIRECTLY. Please see our Solar Observing safety page at Lots of stunning images taken by member and trustee Simon Dawes of our Sun on 4 days during the month of June.  Details of how Simon acquired the images are on the photos. 9th June 2023   16th June 2023   19th […]

Noctilucent Cloud – 30th June 2023

by WebMistress

Noctilucent cloud spotted on the 30th June 2023 around 3am BST by members Martin Crow and Sonia. Both photos taken using an iPhone. Martin’s image taken from Essex Sonia’s image taken from North Kent

Noctilucent Cloud – 25th June 2023

by WebMistress

Rare Noctilucent Cloud spotted by CMHASD members Diane Clarke, Martin Crow and Sonia on the 25th June 2023. First image below was taken by Diane using a Panasonic camera DMC-TZ100, f2.8 @ 1/10sec and ISO 6400 at 11.22pm BST. The next two images were taken by Sonia using an iPhone 8 at 11.04pm and 11.14pm […]

Crescent Moon by Jim Burchell

by WebMistress

Two beautiful crescent Moon images taken on 16/06/23 by Jim Burchell. Images taken with a Pentax KP from Dartford top road at around 3.30 am.