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The Moon – 17th Dec 2023

by WebMistress

A lovely image of a Waxing Crescent Moon taken on the 17th Dec 2023 by member Honor Wheeler. On this day the Moon was 4.72 days old, 27.01% illuminated and in the constellation Aquarius. The image was taken using a Skywatcher ED80 Refractor, Skywatcher EQ3 Synscan mount, x2 Barlow, Canon M6 MRKII Camera set at […]

CMHASD Christmas Quiz – 2023

by WebMistress

Congratulations to team Dalek for winning this years CMHASD Christmas Quiz.    Team Dalek Member’s Rita Whiting and Debra Holton pulled out all the stops to provide a night of head scratching, puzzlement and fun.  Thank you Rita & Debra for all your hard work & effort creating the quiz.  It was a great night […]

The Moon – 19th Dec 2023

by WebMistress

A stunning 10 frame image of the Moon taken by member Neil Webster on the 19th Dec 2023.  The Moon was in the First Quarter phase, 47% illuminated, 7.07 days old and in the constellation Pisces. The First Quarter phase comes roughly 7 days after the New Moon and is when the moon has completed […]

Venus, Spica & Moon – 8th Dec 2023

by WebMistress

Two super images by member Jim Burchell taken on the 8th Dec 2023. The 1st image shows Venus, the star Spica and the Moon going lower left to top right.  Spica is the brightest star in the constellation of Virgo and one of the 20 brightest stars in the night sky. The 2nd image is of the Moon with Earthshine. The Moon […]

Jupiter using a red filter – 5th Dec 2023

by WebMistress

A great image of Jupiter taken by member and trustee Simon Dawes. The image was taken on the 5th Dec 2023 using a Celestron EDGE11HD, with a red filter, f2800mm (f10), Rising Cam CMOS sensor and Mesu e200 mount. Sharpcap Pro, 2 min of video, stacked in AutoStakkert, processed in Registax 6 and Photoshop. For […]

Moon – 28th Nov 2023

by WebMistress

Two lovely images of the Moon taken by members Jim Burchell & Kevin Langford on the 28th Nov 2023.  The Moon was in it’s Waning Gibbous phase. On this day, the moon was 14.57 days old, 99.58% illuminated and so in the Waning Gibbous phase and found in the constellation Gemini. The Waning Gibbous phase is […]

Aurora – Norway – November 2023

by WebMistress

Member George Buckberry’s sister Val Hicks went on a cruise up to the North of Norway in November this year and has kindly shared her photos with us of the stunning Aurora display that she saw.  Some truly beautiful images 🙂

Lunar Halo – 25th Nov 2023

by WebMistress

A stunning example of a Lunar Halo captured by 3 members of the society – Leigh Slomer, Honor Wheeler and Simon Dawes on the evening of the 25th Nov 2023.  The white dot at the 4 o’clock position from the Moon is the planet Jupiter. The ring around the Moon – or ‘lunar halo’ is […]