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BAA ExoPlanet & ExoClock training videos of which 2 are by CMHASD members.

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The videos from the British Astronomical Association (BAA) Exoplanet Division Online Workshop held on Saturday 12th November are now available to watch on the BAA YouTube Channel. The below talk titles are links to watch the videos.  Two videos are by CMHASD members Rodney Buckland and Martin Crow. Introduction by Roger Dymock Exoplanet Division update […]

Sun dog

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A shinning example of a Sundog captured by member Martin Crow when out and about on the 20th Nov 2022. A Sundog (or sun dog) is an optical atmospheric phenomenon that causes a bright, rainbow-colored patch of light to occur on either side of the sun or both sides at an angle of 22 degrees.  […]

The Veil Nebula by Neil Webster

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The latest stunning image of the Veil Nebula by member Neil Webster. Updated with another 3 hours worth of imaging grabbed on the night of the 21st Nov 2022. Neil said ”I finally managed to get enough data to start to show the incredible subtle details in this object.  This was processed from 5 hrs […]

Partial Solar Eclipse – 2022 Oct 25 – Open Morning at the Pavilion

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NEVER LOOK AT THE SUN DIRECTLY. Please click here for solar observing safely. On Tuesday 25th October 2022, CMHASD held an Open Morning at the Parsonage Lane Pavilion for members & members of the public to view the rare spectacle of a Partial Solar Eclipse visible from the UK. It turned out to be an absolutely fantastic day […]

CMHASD supporting the BAA at New Scientist Live 2022

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Crayford Manor House Astronomical Society Dartford (CMHASD) were out in force at the recent New Scientist Live event at ExCel Centre, London Docklands on the 7th to 9th October 2022.  We were there to help the British Astronomical Association (BAA), in which we have many members; on their stand in the Cosmos Section this year.   […]

Exoplanets WASP-114b and Qatar-5b observations by Simon Dawes

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Two more sets of exoplanet observations for the ExoClock project by member Simon Dawes of WASP-114b and Qatar-5b.  These are the 56th and 57th set of observations Simon has completed for the project. WASP-114b is a Hot Jupiter in a 1.5-day orbit around a G0 star.   Qatar-5b is a Hot Jupiter orbiting the star […]