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Corona Virus COVID-19 Update

Until further notice we will not be holding lectures or meetings at the pavilion.

How to stay in touch:
We want to continue to function as a society and we have a number of ways you can keep in touch with the group. 
  • Email – we run an email list for announcements from the committee, if you are not receiving emails and want to be added please contact committee@crayfordmanorastro.com and we will add you to the list.
  • WhatsApp group for membership discussions about Astronomy please contact committee@crayfordmanorastro.com
  • Twitter follow @CrayfordAS for public outreach
  • Web siteplease send contributions to webmaster@crayfordmanorastro.com 
  • Zoom Meetings – we are holding virtual meetings mostly lectures every Thursday, please make sure you are on our mailing list to receive invites New Members welcome!

Conjunction of Mars, Moon and ISS

Image by Dianne

Mars Moon ISS

Image by Dianne. Mars, the Moon, & the ISS Canon 750d, Sigma 18-250mm lens, @18mm Exp 6 secs @ f/5.6, ISO-400 Static tripod


Kelling Heath Autumn Equinox Star Party

7 members of the society attended the Kelling Heath Autumn Equinox Star Party, some booking camping pitches and others static caravans. The weather was overcast with showers with long dry spells and whilst the astronomical observations were very limited between clouds it was still a great event which I’d recommend any keen observers try to book.

Meteor report for September 2020

This is the meteor report for the automated meteor camera operated by the Crayford manor house astronomical society Dartford, for the month of September 2020

This month we detected a total of 269 meteors, well over half were sporadic meteors, meteors from known showers only making a minor contribution to the total, the largest identified shower came from the September Perseids but contributed only 22 meteors to the months total

Milkyway from my back yard competition

This is a simple competition, take an image of the Milkyway from your back garden – or close to where you live. The winning image will be the one that the webmaster is most impressed with. Rules: You have to be a member of the society No telescopes! This is for...

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Leigh Slomer’s Saturn Images

Images of Saturn are from the same 2 minute long raw format video, but stacked and processed differently. The last version had a 1.5x drizzle applied to enlarge the size. Equipment used: •Skywatcher heq5 pro mount•Skywatcher skymax 150 pro maksutov cassegrain...

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