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Corona Virus COVID-19 Update

We continue to meet every week on zoom, normally for a 1hr professional lecture followed by society chat/presentations. We are also active informally on emailWhatsApp – Twitter – and of course here on the website – New members welcome!

If you are new, or want to be added to any of our contact channels please contact our secretary (Mike) at secretary @ crayfordmanorastro.com 

The BAA Winchester Weekend comes to Crayford (hopefully)

Correction: It’s not a weekend (just Saturday Afternoon) and it’s not at Crayford (it’s at the Pavilion Sutton-at-Hone).

The BAA are running a virtual ‘Winchester Weekend’ – and COVID Restrictions permitting (i.e. restrictions and social distancing in London and Kent have been lifted) – we intend to add a little of that Winchester magic (OK it’s food, drink and conversation) to the proceeding by streaming it at the Pavilion Sutton-at-Hone.

Price: (to cover costs only) £10 per person – on the door – cash only (the chip shop only takes cash)

(Fish & Chips is £7.80 at my local chippy, the rest is for cake, biscuits, milk, tea and coffee.)

Date: 10th April 2021 13:00

13:00 Registration: (Tea and cake)

14:00 BAA Winchester Agenda

15:00 Tea and biscuits & discussion about the lecture

15:15 BAA Winchester Agenda

16:30 Tea and Biscuits and discussion about the lecture, socialise.

18:00 Dinner (Fish and chips)

19:30 BAA Winchester Agenda

21:00 Tea and biscuits and discussion about the lecture

Observing (weather permitting)

At the moment I’m canvasing who might be interested, no commitment at this stage, just to see if it is worth taking further, closer to the event I’ll ask for confirmation and provide a menu.


This is a ticketed event, please contact the webmaster@crayfordmanorastro.com if you are interested in attending (no commitment at this stage)



Best Meteors of 2020

Almost 2000 meteors were detected in 2020, we would have had quite a few more but for the cloudy skies in August that limited the view of the Perseid’s in August.


2020 Meteor stats collated by Simon Dawes from data reviewd and analysed by the Crayford Meteor Team.

December 2020Meteor report

December was particularly cloudy, but we still manage to detect 288 meteors, 115 from the Geminid meteor shower.


Lunar Halo/Corona Competition

Lunar Halo Competition As the name suggests, take an image of a Lunar Halo. Rules: Whilst the points awarding is somewhat ambiguous I’ll be looking for the following… Technically a good image (in focus) Well composed  Other points of interest (foreground or...

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The Great Conjunction of 2020

Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions happen every 20 years (the last one in 2000.) however this particular conjunction will be especially close – the closest since 1623 and the closest observable since 1226! Don’t worry, if you miss it there is another close...

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EXO-Planet Paper features observations from two Members

Members Simon Dawes and Martin Crow have been named as contributors on a scientific paper published this week, Martin and Simon along with other amateur and professional astronomers have been observing exo-planet transits – each observation takes between 4 and 5...

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Two New Competitions

After the success of the last competition, we have decided to run another two. Lunar Halo Competition As the name suggests, take an image of a Lunar Halo. Rules: Whilst the points awarding is somewhat ambiguous I’ll be looking for the following…...

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