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We’re Back! Face-to-Face Meetings Every Thursday

We are back to face to face meetings every Thursday, plus live on Zoom*

Please stay at home (attend the zoom lecture) if any of the following are true..
    a) You are feeling unwell – coughs, sniffs and sneezes will concern other members.
    b) You’ve displayed signs of covid-19 or had a positive test over the last 10 days.
    c) You’ve been spending time with someone who tested positive in the last 10 days.

– Not fully vaccinated?
You must take a lateral flow test prior to attending.
Face masks are not required- if you want to wear a mask no one will think less of you.
Social distancing – is not possible – if this concerns you, please continue with zoom meetings

* zoom will only be available with the Lecturer’s consent

Cosmic Camp 2021

Eight society members attended Shear Green Junior School on Friday 17th with either their own or society telescopes (6 in total) to take part in their ‘Cosmic Camp’.

We observed the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn and put on two different Astronomy activities in the school hall related to the solar system. seventy five, nine to ten year-old boys and girls and about 20 adults enjoyed the activities. With lots of ‘wow’s’ ‘OMG’ etc. Whilst the skies were a little cloudy, the cloud stayed away from the planets and Moon and the seeing was remarkably good. 

We didn’t take photos – too many safeguarding issues – but the school blog has a section on it with a few photos that they took.

“I just wanted to send an email to say a massive thank you for Friday night!
The children (and adults) got so much out of what you all provided. The awe and wonder of seeing Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon really brought the topic to life for the children.
Your team were so patient and knowledgeable providing invaluable insight to us all. The indoor activities were really engaging and all of the children have said their favourite part of the camp was the star gazing!”

Thanks to all members who helped make this a success.

Crescent Moon, Venus and a Sun Pillar – Wow!

Image of the crescent Moon, and Venus with a Sunset and sun pillar – well spotted and recorded by Jim.

Conjunction - Moon, Venus, Sun Pillar Sun Set JB

Image by Jim Burchell Image of Crescent Moon and Venus and Sunpiller taken on 1/6/21 Olympus E-M10 Markll.


International Space Station Images by Leigh Slomer

Images by Leigh Slomer


The International Space Station. Taken on the 17th of July with a Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian Telescope and a ZWO ASI174MM


The International Space Station. Taken on the 17th of July with a Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian Telescope and a ZWO ASI174MM

Competition: Image the Trapezium

In this competition we are looking for images of the Trapezium at the heart of M42, the great Orion nebula. We normally think of the Trapezium as 4 stars but in large telescopes you can make out other stars, so all you need to do is submit an image of the Trapezium...

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Sir Patrick Moore Prize

Congratulations to our very own Rita Whiting for being awarded the Sir Patrick Moore Prize for Astronomy outreach, Rita does so much for our society and outreach with local groups  over such a long period of time this is a well deserved award. Well done Rita!...

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Lunar Halo/Corona Competition

Lunar Halo Competition As the name suggests, take an image of a Lunar Halo. Rules: Whilst the points awarding is somewhat ambiguous I’ll be looking for the following… Technically a good image (in focus) Well composed  Other points of interest (foreground or...

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The BAA Winchester Weekend comes to Crayford (hopefully)

Correction: It’s not a weekend (just Saturday Afternoon) and it’s not at Crayford (it’s at the Pavilion Sutton-at-Hone). The BAA are running a virtual ‘Winchester Weekend’ – and COVID Restrictions permitting (i.e. restrictions and social distancing in...

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