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Come and see us at Dartford’s Big Day Out! – 16th July 2022

We will be exhibiting at Dartford’s Big Day Out; a free event taking place in Central Park on Saturday July 16th celebrating the ‘Best of British’ from 11am to 6pm.  Come and see us, have a chat & hopefully do some solar observing.

For more information about the event click here.


Come and see us and do some Solar Observing at Hall Place & Gardens – Aug 2022

7th and 20th August 2022 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Hall Place & Gardens
Bourne Road Bexley Kent DA5 1PQ

On Sunday the 7th of August and Saturday the 20th August CMHASD members will be at Hall Place & Gardens to offer safe views of our nearest visible star the Sun.  Please come and see us!

Please note this event is weather dependent.


A selection of images, photos and observations taken by CMHASD members


Society News

1st sightings of NLC by member’s Jim Burchell & Diane Clarke

Whilst up early to photograph Venus and the crescent Moon on the 26th June 2022 at Dartford top road, member Jim Burchell also saw some Noctilucent Cloud too around 3am!  The 1st Noctilucent Cloud (NLC) sighting for CMHASD NLC season 2022. 

Jim sent out an alert via Whatsapp to members which Diane Clarke picked up and so too managed to photograph the NLC that morning from North Kent.

NLC by Jim Burchell – 26th June 2022

NLC by Diane Clarke – 26th June 2022

Venus & Crescent Moon by Jim Burchell

Two image’s of Venus in the morning sky both taken from Dartford top road by Jim Burchell on the 22nd and 26th June 2022. 


Venus in the dawn Sky 22nd June 2022 taken with a Pentax KP. F9.0 1/2s  60 mm iso 200.
Venus and the Crescent Moon taken in the early hours of 26th June 2022 with a Pentax KP.  F7.1 1″ 1/2 sec 88 mm  iso 200. 

Crepuscular Rays by Jim Burchell

An absolute stunning image taken by Jim Burchell just before he went to bed on the 25th June 2022 of Crepuscular Rays. 

Image taken with an Olympus E-M10. F4.5  1/80sec 14mm iso 200.

Super Strawberry Moon – by Jim Burchell on the 14th June 2022

June’s Full Moon is also known as the Strawberry Moon after the wild strawberries that start to ripen during early summer.  On Tuesday evening 14/06/22 member Jim Burchell took these lovely photos of the Strawberry Moon rising from Dartford top road. The Full/Strawberry Moon was near its closest approach to Earth on that day too, so making it a Supermoon as well.  Therefore this Full Moon was a Super Strawberry Moon!
Image 1 Moon just appearing above the horizon. 
135mm F9.00 5 sec iso 200
Image 2 Moon halfway  above the horizon  this image has been under exposed to bring out more detail and colour. 
135 mm F9.0  1.5 sec iso 200
Image 3 Moon above the horizon image under exposed. 
135mm F7.1 1/30 sec iso 400.

Lunar Eclipse – 16th May 2022 by Jim Burchell & Honor Wheeler

On the 16th May 2022 the Moon passed through the Earth’s shadow between 03:28 and 06:55 BST, creating a total lunar eclipse.

It was difficult to see from North Kent.  Firstly the Moon set partway through the eclipse and secondly the Moon was only 5° above the horizon when the eclipse started but this did not deter members Honor Wheeler and Jim Burchell; who got up early to photograph the event from Dartford. 

Unfortunately it was rather cloudy and misty that morning too.

The first image below was taken by Jim Burchell and shows the Moon in partial eclipse. Jim used a Nikon D5100 set at F6.0, 1/2 sec and iso 640 attached to an Altair Astro refractor to acquire the image.

The next set of images below were all taken by Honor Wheeler from the same location as Jim.




The last image before the Lunar Eclipse was obscured completely by cloud.


Early Morning Planets

Members Jim Burchell, Diane Clarke and Richard Bohner were up very early on the 29th May 2022 to do a bit of planet spotting. 

Jim captured the Mars & Jupiter conjunction from Dartford at 3.30am and a little bit later Saturn with Mars & Jupiter.

Mars & Jupiter

Mars, Jupiter & Saturn


Meanwhile Diane Clarke captured Jupiter & Mars and then Venus from Belvedere at 4am.

Jupiter & Mars

Venus above a cloud bank


Then 8 hours later in Arizona member Richard Bohner captured Mars & Jupiter (with Moons) too in the early morning sky. Richard said ‘It was very windy this morning and was having camera shake in some of my photos. These are 3 second images at ISO 2500.’

Mars & Jupiter from Arizona. 

Richard Bohner – Milky Way – Arizona

Member Richard Bohner took the opportunity to photograph the Milky Way from his back garden on the 26th May 2022 and these are the results…….stunning! Richard said ‘Was outside last night taking a few photos. a perfect night. It was 22C, wind –...

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Martin Crow – Exo Planets WASP-58b, TOI-2076b & HAT-P-57b

The latest Exo planet observations by Martin Crow for the ExoClock project. TOI-2076 b is an extrasolar planet (exoplanet) that orbits a K-type star TOI -2076 in the constellation of Bootes. An exoplanet is a planet that orbits a star other than the Sun. The star is...

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Simon Dawes – Exo Planet TOI-1296b

One more for the ExoClock project by Simon Dawes. Exoplanet TOI-1296b. TOI-1296b was discovered in 2021 and observed with TESS and SOPHIE.  It is a hot Saturn-mass exoplanet with an orbital period of 3.944 days. Simon said ‘Got this Friday night; 7 milli...

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Informal Night & UFO – 21st April 2022

Thursday 21st April 2022 was an informal night at the pavilion and some members took the opportunity to do some observing with some members viewing a very rare sight indeed. Chairman John Archer summed the evening up in his ebulletin to members dated 27th April 2022....

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Jim Burchell – The Moon – Sept 2021

This fantastic image of the Moon was taken by Jim Burchell back in September 2021.  Jim used his Samsung A10 mobile phone attached to one of the society Dobsonian Telescopes called Isaac at F1.9, 1/50 sec and ISO50....

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The Sun

The Sun on the 14th May 2022 taken by member & trustee Simon Dawes.  NEVER LOOK AT THE SUN DIRECTLY. Please click here for solar observing...

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The Moon by Neil Webster – 5th & 7th May 2022

These two superb images of the Moon were captured by member Neil Webster on the 5th & 7th May 2022.  Neil acquired the images using and Altair Astro 115mm triplet APO, EQ6 R mount, ZWO ASI290MM camera plus Astronomik R/IR filter. Each image consists of 3...

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