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Come and see us and do some Solar Observing at Hall Place & Gardens – Aug 2022

7th and 20th August 2022 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Hall Place & Gardens
Bourne Road Bexley Kent DA5 1PQ

On Sunday the 7th of August and Saturday the 20th August CMHASD members will be at Hall Place & Gardens to offer safe views of our nearest visible star the Sun.  Please come and see us!

Please note this event is weather dependent.

We are Back! Face-to-Face Meetings Every Thursday

We are back to face to face meetings every Thursday plus we are live on Zoom*

Please stay at home  and attend via the zoom lecture if any of the following are true:
    a) You are feeling unwell – coughs, sniffs and sneezes will concern other members.
    b) You’ve displayed signs of covid-19 or had a positive test over the last 10 days.
    c) You’ve been spending time with someone who tested positive in the last 10 days.

– Not fully vaccinated?
You must take a lateral flow test prior to attending.
Face masks are not required but if you want to wear a mask no one will think less of you.
Social distancing – is not possible – if this concerns you, please continue with zoom meetings.

* zoom will only be available with the lecturer’s consent.


A selection of images, photos and observations taken by CMHASD members


Society News

Informal Night & UFO – 21st April 2022

Thursday 21st April 2022 was an informal night at the pavilion and some members took the opportunity to do some observing with some members viewing a very rare sight indeed.

Chairman John Archer summed the evening up in his ebulletin to members dated 27th April 2022. He wrote ‘Last week we had another opportunity to get together for an observing evening and a variety of instruments were rolled out – everything from EV Scope and iPhone to Mark 1 eyeball was scanning the night sky.

Members sought out the elusive planet Mercury, and once skies darkened, other more distant objects could be seen.

A flurry of excitement and speculation surrounded the appearance of a mysterious, moving object in the night sky which turned out to be a SpaceX Falcon upper stage conducting a de-orbit burn prior to re-configuring itself into a marine reef / insurance claim – depending on where it finally landed.”

Some objects were also observed using the societies 16″ Peter Hindle telescope they were M81, M82, M44 and the Eskimo Nebula.

Below are some images from the evening taken by member Jim Burchell.

Mercury in the constellation Aries just before sunset taken using a Pentax KP 135mm F11.0, Exp 1/2sec &  ISO 800.

The Observatory taken using a Pentax KP 18mm F3.5, Exp 10sec & ISO 800.

Constellation Leo taken using  Pentax KP 48mm F7.1, Exp 2.50sec & ISO 800.


The next 2 images below are snapshots taken from a video that member Steve Goldson managed to capture of the UFO that four other CMHASD members witnessed too at 8.46pm.  The 1st photo shows what looks like a small cloud moving very quickly through the sky.  The 2nd photo shows the same unidentified object a few seconds later now as a bright dot with a cloud in front of it moving through the sky.


The members were perplexed but excited by what they had seen with most sighting it as their 1st UFO.  Later after some detective work by Honor & Sonia it was concluded that they along with Jim Burchell, David Freed and Steve Goldson had witnessed the second stage deorbit of SpaceX Falcon 9 after launching another batch of Starlink internet satellites (Starlink 4-14).

Jim Burchell – The Moon – Sept 2021

This fantastic image of the Moon was taken by Jim Burchell back in September 2021.  Jim used his Samsung A10 mobile phone attached to one of the society Dobsonian Telescopes called Isaac at F1.9, 1/50 sec and ISO50.


The Sun

The Sun on the 14th May 2022 taken by member & trustee Simon Dawes. 

NEVER LOOK AT THE SUN DIRECTLY. Please click here for solar observing safely.

The Moon by Neil Webster – 5th & 7th May 2022

These two superb images of the Moon were captured by member Neil Webster on the 5th & 7th May 2022. 

Neil acquired the images using and Altair Astro 115mm triplet APO, EQ6 R mount, ZWO ASI290MM camera plus Astronomik R/IR filter.

Each image consists of 3 frames stitched: each 90s x 33fps….20% selected, aligned, stacked in AutoStakkert3 and processed in PS.

The Moon – 5th May 2022 – Waxing Crescent 19% and 4.23 days old.

The Moon – Moon 7th May – Waxing Crescent 36% and 6.02 days old.

The Moon – 8th May 2022

A lovely image of the Moon taken by Simon Dawes on the 8th May 2022 from Bexleyheath, Kent.

Details of how Simon acquired the image are on the photo.

Exoplanet KELT-23Ab by Simon Dawes

Another set of observations by Simon for the ExoClock project.  

KELT-23Ab was discovered using the Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope (KELT). 

The Sun – 8th & 9th May 2022 by Simon Dawes

Two more great images of our Sun on the 8th & 9th May 2022 by Simon Dawes and now up to Sunspot number AR3007.   Sunspot AR3006 however is behaving a bit odd as described on Spaceweather.com  ”A MIXED-UP SUNSPOT: Sunspot AR3006 is having...

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Type 1a Supernova SN2022hrs in NGC 4647

An awesome capture by Simon Dawes of a Supernova called SN2022hrs in NGC 4647. NGC 4647 is an intermediate spiral galaxy in the constellation Virgo.  Supernova SN2022hrs was discovered in the galaxy NGC4647 on the 16th April 2022 by astronomer Koichi...

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Comet C/2019 L3 (ATLAS) by Simon Dawes

A fantastic image of Comet C/2019 L3 (ATLAS) in Gemini taken by Simon Dawes on the 24th April 2022 from Bexleyheath in Kent.  Simon has included detail about how and when he acquired the image on the photo below showing the comet which is the fuzzy round shape in...

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Jupiter & Venus Conjunction 2022 by Richard Bohner

Whilst CMHASD member views of Venus & Jupiter from the UK were blocked by cloud, two superb images of Venus & Jupiter were captured in the early morning skies of the 28th & 30th April 2022 by member Richard Bohner in Arizona, USA. The first image taken on...

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Rainbows – not 1, not 2 but 3! captured by Martin Crow

Oh my word, what a fortunate man member Martin Crow was last evening whilst out Kayaking on the river near Burnham on Crouch in Essex.  Martin got to witness something very rare and absolutely stunning; 3 rainbows together!!!  Two rainbows are often seen by...

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The Sun by Simon Dawes

The Sun on the 30th April 2022 taken by Simon Dawes.  As you can see the Sun was still ‘active’ re sunspots on that day. As of today (5th May) we are now up to AR3006 and in the past 24 hours sunspot AR3004 has produced over 18 solar flares (15+...

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