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Back to Basics Workshop

We will be hosting The 2018 British Astronomical Association Back to Basics workshop on 6th October this year (2018). These workshops are great for beginners just starting out in astronomy and wanting to learn how to use their telescopes or get started in Astronomy,...

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2018 Perseid Meteor Report

Interim Report This year was the first year of successful operation of the Dick Chambers Observatory Automated Meteor Camera coordinated by Janice McClean. This is an interim report and may be replaced as more information on the Perseid’s captured comes in from...

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2018 Summer BBQ

The summer BBQ was a great hit again. About 25 members attended and we had food for about 100! The day was very relaxed. We had a few glimpses of the Sun through our Dobsonian telescope, Anita using Baader Solar Safety Film, unfortunately there were no Sun spots...

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Welcome to our new website!

Our new website is live, come back regularly to see new updates. This post lists the progress of migrating data from the old website to the new one. Our old site remains operational for a short period and can be found on this link cmhas.wikispaces.com as sections of...

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