The most beautiful object in the Solar system! The rings can be easily seen with a 3” telescope and a 4” or bigger telescope will allow you to tease out more detail. Look out for the Cassini division in Saturn’s ring and Saturn’s largets Moon Titan.


Orange (Wratten #21)  Improves contrast on the equitorial belts
Green (Wratten #58)    Improves polar regions


Try using an IR pass filter to reduce the impact of the Earths atmosphere – requires a larger telescope.

BAA Saturn Section | Wikipedia

Leigh Slomer’s Saturn Images

Images of Saturn are from the same 2 minute long raw format video, but stacked and processed differently. The last version had a 1.5x drizzle applied to enlarge the size.

Equipment used:

•Skywatcher heq5 pro mount
•Skywatcher skymax 150 pro maksutov cassegrain telescope
•celestron 2× Barlow 
•Zwo asi290mc one shot colour uncooled CMOS camera

•Captured with ASICAP for android
•First and second version stacked in registax, the last version in autostakkert with wavelets in registax 
•Final processing in GIMP

Camera settings:

•Raw16 colour space 
•Gain 300
•Exposure time 82000ųs


Image by Leigh Slomer processed in RegiStax


Image by Leigh Slomer processed in RegiStax


Image by Leigh Slomer processed in AutoStakkert

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