The Caldwell list was conceived by Sir Patrick Moore, Caldwell being his Mothers Maiden Name, they are objects that are easy to find and observe suitable for amateur astronomers with modest equipment.

Unlike objects in the Messier catalogue, which are listed in the order they were discovered, the Caldwell catalogue is ordered by declination, with C1 being the most northerly and C109 being the most southerly, although two objects (NGC 4244 and the Hyades) are listed out of sequence.

The Caldwell Objects and How to Observe Them

Reviewed for the RAS Journal; Observatory, June 2010 1st Edition, by Martin Mobberley (Springer) 2009, Pp 288, 23.1 x 17.5 cm. Price £24.99 (paperback; ISBN 978-1-4419-0325-9) This book, as expected, is primarily concerned with the description and details of the...

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