How to guides

Image Processing


How to Remove Sky Gradients and Light Pollution

In this guide I’ll show you how to remove sky gradients from astro-images. The process can be applied using most imaging software, I’ll talk through the theory of the approach and then demo it in photoshop, I have created a free photoshop action (macro) which can be used to automate the process, this can be downloaded here

Hot to fix oval stars

In this video I describe how to fix oval stars. Ideally you don’t want to take images with oval stars but sometimes it just happens and if the image is of a one time event like a supernova than you need to find a solution to improve your images. the video describes the process and then demos action in use.

My Photoshop Astro Actions can be downloaded here

Observatory Guides

EQ6 Cable Management

If you have ever had the cables tangle on you German Equatorial Mount, you will know that sinking feeling as you rush to turn off the drives before the gears are ruined. In this guide you will be shown how to manage the cables so that the chance of them tangling is minimal.