If you are observant you will occasionally be rewarded with multiple phenomena in the sky as these images by members show.

Martin Crow’s Images

MVCrow Sky UTArc, sun dogs and halo sm 5th June 2014

Honor Wheeler’s Images

Atmospheric Optic Picture of the Day

Our very own Honor Wheeler makes Optics Picture of the Day (20/03/2010) at the world renowned site for extra special atmospheric optics. “I live in Kent, in the Southeast of England and so don’t usually expect complexity in a halo display as the conditions are never quit right. Today, however, I was amazed and excited to photograph sundogs, a partial 22deg halo, an upper tangent arc, a Parry arc, circumzenithal arc and a partial supralateral arc. I’ve photographed all but the supralateral arc separately before but never all together! These photos were taken between 15.34 and 15.41UT but overall the display lasted for approx 20 minutes with the circumzenithal arc lasting the longest.”

If you have HaloSim installed, run the simulation yourself after downloading the simulation file kent.sim