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The Moon, Mercury, Mars & Orion by Jim Burchell

by WebMistress

Member Jim Burchell was up early on Sunday the 9th October 2022 and took a super collection of photos of the early morning sky using his Pentax camera from Dartford. Jim captured Mercury at greatest elongation that morning; along with Mars, the Moon plus the constellation Orion. Looking East – Mercury at greatest elongation Looking […]

Early Morning Planets

by WebMistress

Members Jim Burchell, Diane Clarke and Richard Bohner were up very early on the 29th May 2022 to do a bit of planet spotting.  Jim captured the Mars & Jupiter conjunction from Dartford at 3.30am and a little bit later Saturn with Mars & Jupiter. Mars & Jupiter Mars, Jupiter & Saturn   Meanwhile Diane […]

Jupiter & Venus Conjunction 2022 by Richard Bohner

by WebMistress

Whilst CMHASD member views of Venus & Jupiter from the UK were blocked by cloud, two superb images of Venus & Jupiter were captured in the early morning skies of the 28th & 30th April 2022 by member Richard Bohner in Arizona, USA. The first image taken on the 28th at 04:30 MST was acquired […]