On the 5th July 2022 Noctilucent Cloud were spotted again.  They lasted from 2.25am until 3.40am and were in the NE to NNE direction.


Diane Clarke said ‘Fellow member Sonia sent an alert at 02.25 to say that NLC were visible, so having pre-packed my camera & lens, I was off to take some pictures.  87 frames later I finally decided to get a little more sleep as dawn was approaching.’ 
Below are 2 panoramic images of the NLC taken by Diane using a Canon EOS M50m2, Canon 100mm macro lens at f2.8 1/8 sec @ISO400.
NLC on 5th July 2022 from North Kent.
NLC, the star Capella & the Pleiades (M45).  North Kent.
Member Sonia captured the NLC using her iPhone from North Kent.  Below is one of her images.
NLC at 2.59am with stars Capella and Menkalinan.