November 2020 was spent largely in lockdown due to the Corona virus, one thing keeping us from all going crazy is our astronomy and with our remotely operated meteor camera our members were still able to observe and had lots of candidates to look forward to, and it turned out this was our most productive November ‘since records began’ – ok the records only go back to August 2018 – so was it better weather, is COVID-19 actually space borne and arriving on the meteors, or perhaps it is just a useless fact? Personally I think it has something to do with 5G masts…

Sorry back to the report.

We observed 244 meteors, 39 of them Leonid’s and you can watch them all – thanks to our members of the meteor team – without having to wade through all the false positive sightings.

I’ve embedded the video below, but if your attention span isn’t what it was, then just check-out the highlights at the times listed below (if you click on them they will take you to the correct part of he video)


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