The Eq6 is fixed to the pier/tripod using a central bolt, but this generates significant friction between the tripod/pier and EQ6 which can make polar alignment along the azimuth axis difficult, you need the central bolt to be tight to ensure no movement but loose to adjust the azimuth for polar alignment, but it can’t be both, fortunately this can be easily fixed.

If you haven’t done it already complete the knobs mod.



I used 1mm thick PTFE sheet, but I know others who have had success with thinner PTFE sheet, you can cut this using sturdy scissors, but I opted to scribe the PTFE using a pair of engineering dividers. Simply place the sheet between the mount and the pier adapter/tripod.

Note image below doesn’t show the hole you have to cut for the lug that protrudes from the pier/tripod which the  azimuth adjustment bolts push against.


PTFE between the pier mount and the EQ6 make for super smooth azimuth adjustment when polar aligning the mount