The polar adjustment knobs on the EQ6 are not very good, upgrading these parts will make your telescope mount much easier to use and therefore will result in better polar alignment leading to better images. 

The problems:

  • The Azimuth adjustment knobs are too small to get a good grip on them
  • The Azimuth adjustment knobs are too close to the mount, so you either bang your knuckles into the mount or can’t get a propper grip on the knobs.
  • The Altitude adjustment bolts are too soft and bend easily
  • The handles on the Altitude adjustment bolts are too small and uncomfortable to handle.

The Solution:

Fortunately these problems can be fixed relatively easily by replacing the parts.

Parts list:


This is a straightforward modification, but there are a few things to consider.

  1. When removing the altitude adjustment bolts remove the telescope and counter weights, also be careful that the mount doesn’t swing down – the mount is heavier that you think so this job is best done on a workbench with the mount laying on its side.
  2. If you can’t remove the rear (south facing) altitude adjustment bolt – don’t force it, you will damage the thread –  it is probably bent! this is a common problem with the EQ6. Unfortunately fixing it, although straight forward, does require removing the circular caps and unbolting the the central altitude bearing bolt and almost everyone who tries this damages the end caps covering the altitude bearing bolt. These caps are glued in place with what looks like epoxy. I was lucky and the paint the expoy was glued to gave way but it is very unusual for these to not be destroyed in the process of removing them (if you do destroy them you can get replacements from Modern Astronomy as part of their slide mod). 


Replacement Knobs for the EQ6 make a huge difference to polar alignment


If you haven’t done it already also do the super smooth azimuth mod and the super smooth Altitude mod