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Venus and a Crescent Moon by members Jim Burchell & Gary Hunt

by WebMistress

Look towards the West after sunset for a splendid view of Venus and the crescent Moon over the next few evenings. Members Jim Burchell and Gary Hunt did yesterday evening the 21st May 2023 and captured these great images of a young crescent Moon with Venus. Moon & Venus by Jim Burchell Moon & Venus […]

Venus & Pleiades by Jim Burchell – 10th April 2023

by WebMistress

Super image of Venus and the Pleiades taken by member Jim Burchell on the 10th April 2023. ”The Pleiades are also known as The Seven Sisters, Messier 45 and other names by different cultures, is an asterism and an open star cluster containing middle-aged, hot B-type stars in the north-west of the constellation Taurus. At a distance of about 444 light years, it is among […]

Images by Jim Burchell – 23rd to 25th Feb 2023

by WebMistress

Member Jim Burchell was busy out and about towards the end of February photographing our stunning sky and below is a selection of his superb images.   Orion, Taurus and the Pleiades taken on the 23rd Feb from the CMHASD pavilion, Sutton-at-Hone. Image was taken with a Pentax KP on a static tripod, F6.3,  30 […]

Venus & Crescent Moon by Jim Burchell

by WebMistress

Two image’s of Venus in the morning sky both taken from Dartford top road by Jim Burchell on the 22nd and 26th June 2022.    Venus in the dawn Sky 22nd June 2022 taken with a Pentax KP. F9.0 1/2s  60 mm iso 200.   Venus and the Crescent Moon taken in the early hours […]

Jupiter & Venus Conjunction 2022 by Richard Bohner

by WebMistress

Whilst CMHASD member views of Venus & Jupiter from the UK were blocked by cloud, two superb images of Venus & Jupiter were captured in the early morning skies of the 28th & 30th April 2022 by member Richard Bohner in Arizona, USA. The first image taken on the 28th at 04:30 MST was acquired […]