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ISS pass on 25th March 2022 by Jim Burchell

by WebMistress

On the evening of the 25th March 2022 there was a bright pass of the ISS.  Jim Burchell managed to capture 2 image’s of the ISS pass at 19.47.51- 19.52.51. Image’s taken with a pentax K70. The 1st image shows the ISS passing the star Capella in the constellation Auriga.  F7.0  20″ 18mm iso 800. […]

ISS pass – 23rd March 2022

by WebMistress

A superb composite image showing part of tonight’s bright 19.46 International Space Station (ISS) pass taken by Diane Clarke.   Diane said ‘This is a composite image consisting of 3 x 10 sec images.  I missed the start of the pass due to local roof lines obscuring my view but did manage to capture the […]