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Exoplanet Qatar 8b

by WebMistress

Another exoplanet transit observed by Simon Dawes of Qatar 8b for the ExoClock project. Qatar-8b is just over a third of Jupiter’s mass (0.37) and is considered a “hot Saturn.” It takes less than four days to orbit its star, which is about 900 light-years from Earth. Simon said it was a tricky one to […]

Exoplanet WASP-12B by Simon Dawes

by WebMistress

Here is the latest exoplanet transit observed by member & trustee Simon Dawes for the ExoClock project. It is of  WASP-12b a doomed EGG shaped planet. WASP-12b is a hot Jupiter that orbits so close to its parent star, it is being torn apart and it takes this sizzling gas giant alien world only 1.1 […]