NEVER LOOK AT THE SUN DIRECTLY. Please see our Solar Observing safety page at

CMHASD members Jim Burchell, Honor Wheeler and Simon Dawes took the opportunity to observe and image the Sun on Friday 7th July 2023 and below are their super images.

The Sun is very active with many sunspots and one so large it was seen from Mars; yes that is correct – from Mars.

The very large sunspot AR3363 which has just emerged over the Sun’s southeastern limb was spotted by the Mars rover Perseverance several days before we did. On July 2nd, the rover’s mast-mounted stereo camera MASTCAM-Z tilted up to the sky above Jezaro crater and photographed a deep-black dot on the solar disk.  For more information about this; see

Jim Burchell


Honor Wheeler

The Sun in Hydrogen Alpha.

Composite of 2 photos one for the disc and one for prominences details, then layered in Snapseed.
Canon M6 Mark II, Coronado PST,
EQ3 Synscan mount, x2 Barlow
ISO200, 1/25s
2023.07.07 12:48UT

Image enhanced to show some of the Sun’s prominences.

Solar Sunpsots in White light
Canon M6 Mark II, 80mm Refractor, EQ3 Synscan mount, Baader Solar filter, x2 Barlow.
ISO100, 1/800s.
2023.07.07 12:31UT

Sunspot AR3363 appearing over the southeastern limb of the Sun.


Simon Dawes

Details of how Simon acquired his images are on the photos.

Sun full disk in White light – 12 active regions. Q=30 and R = 225 so pretty active today.  Click here to see a full version

For the latest information about the Sun’s activity check out