On the 16th May 2022 the Moon passed through the Earth’s shadow between 03:28 and 06:55 BST, creating a total lunar eclipse.

It was difficult to see from North Kent.  Firstly the Moon set partway through the eclipse and secondly the Moon was only 5° above the horizon when the eclipse started but this did not deter members Honor Wheeler and Jim Burchell; who got up early to photograph the event from Dartford. 

Unfortunately it was rather cloudy and misty that morning too.

The first image below was taken by Jim Burchell and shows the Moon in partial eclipse. Jim used a Nikon D5100 set at F6.0, 1/2 sec and iso 640 attached to an Altair Astro refractor to acquire the image.

The next set of images below were all taken by Honor Wheeler from the same location as Jim.




The last image before the Lunar Eclipse was obscured completely by cloud.