DSLR Cooler box

A DSLR, ideally one that has been modded to remove the filters is an accessible way to begin imaging, and I have successfully imaged using a ‘full spectrum mod’ Canon 600D for many years.

Unfortunately these cameras are not cooled and the sensor temperature (measured by the camera) runs about 15 degrees above the ambient air temperature. You can find cooled DSLR’s but these are very expensive, however by simply putting the DSLR into a box and cooling the box using a peltier cooler it is possible to cool the DSLR without any modification to the camera, delivering measurable improvements in noise. 


All parts are readily available on Amazon

  • Water proof electrical case
  • Expanding builders foam
  • Peltier cooler

The approach is not unique, my cooler box was based on the design here


DSLR Cooler Box