Some of you who were present at the Pavilion on the 29th of March will be aware of the following changes to the Society’s Calendar rules. Each month will now consist of a collage of member’s images rather than just one per month.

The Calendar size will also increase from 21 x 28cm to 28 x 37cm picture size to accommodate the collage of images, I am unsure how many images can be accommodated per page but it may be between 6 to 8, actual numbers TBA. Price TBA.

Rather than the list of 4 groups such as the Moon, Sun, Deepsky etc. there will be a list of ‘Targets’ for member’s to photograph or sketch.

Important: Image/s to be submitted for the 2019 Calendar must have been photographed or sketched after the 1st of January 2012 but no later than 8pm (GMT) on the 3rd of October 2018.

(All images for the 2020 Calendar will need to been photographed or sketched AFTER the 3rd of October 2018 but before the 2nd of October 2019 so keep this in mind when submitting your images).



Target images for the 2019 CMHASD Calendar are as follows:

1. Earthshine 

The Moon’s shadow side can often be seen when the young crescent Moon is visible. Images must show the Moon with the shadowed side also visible 

2. A Rainbow

Images can be an Arc or a portion of the Rainbow.

3. The Planets

Images can be of any of the Planets (not the Earth that would be cheating 😉

4. Lunar and/or Planetary Conjunctions

Images can be of the Moon in conjunction with Planet/s or a planetary line-up of 2 or more Planets.

5. The Orion constellation

Images that show the Orion constellation in full as the left image or as the image on the right with the four stars Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Saiph and Rigel at each corner.

6. Lunar Eclipse

A Lunar eclipse will hopefully be visible on the 27th of July but any images photographed or sketched after the 1st of January 2012 can be submitted. The Moon partially or fully eclipsed will be acceptable.

7. Atmospheric Optics

Images of any of the following: Solar Halo, Sundogs, Circumzenithal Arc, Cloud Iridescence and Crepuscular Rays etc.

8. The Andromeda Galaxy

A close-up image of this wonderful Galaxy.

9. Sunset or Sunrise

Any photograph or sketch of a Sunrise or Sunset over land or water.

10. Lunar crater Copernicus

A close up of the crater Copernicus photographed or sketched using a Telescope or a Telephoto lens.

11. Sunspots

Images of Sunspots in White Light or a projected image only, not H-alpha (as only a few members have H-alpha telescopes).

12. Ursa Major constellation

Images of the whole constellation or the Plough will be acceptable.

13. A Full Moon

The Moon must be between 98 – 100% to qualify for this Target, you’ll need to make sure as I will check the date and the image was photographed or sketched.

14. The Pleiades and/or the Hyades

An image of either the Pleiades or the Hyades or an image of them together.

I am aware there are 14 Targets, not everyone will be able to image all of the Targets so hopefully this way everyone will be in with a sporting chance of obtaining at least one image for the Calendar.

Rules: And please make sure you read them!

  • You may only enter one image per category.
  • Sketched, Single, Multiple Stacked or Mosaicked images are acceptable, Composite images are NOT acceptable.
  • All images entered must have been Photographed or Sketched by the person entering the image/s.
  • If too many images (maximum numbers TBA) are entered for one ‘Target’ then a vote will be taken on each image and the images with the most votes will be included in the Calendar.
  • All images MUST have been taken AFTER the 1st of January 2012 but before 8pm (GMT) on the 3rd of October 2018.
  • The two ‘Targets’ with the least number of images received will not be included in the Calendar.
  • Images can be taken using another member’s telescope but the camera used MUST belong to the member submitting the image/s.
  • Poor quality images will have to be omitted so make sure the image resolution is good enough for printing.
  • All images MUST be submitted to this email address: honor . draconis @ talk21  .com (remove spaces) BEFORE 8pm (GMT) on the 3th of October 2018, no exceptions.

When emailing your images please use the email subject heading ‘CMHASD CAL2019’ that way I can save the images easily all in one place!

Small print – Feel free to ask me any questions that are not covered by the rules but if you do ask me a question that IS covered by the rules…then I’ll know you didn’t read them! Simon, Martin, Jim….! [this is scandalous Ed.]