3rd January 2022 @ 5:30 pm – 4th January 2022 @ 1:00 am

From approx 17.30 hrs Monday the 3rd of January

until approx 01.00 hrs on Tuesday the 4th of January

the Quadrantid meteor shower will reach it’s peak at approx 20.40 hrs

with a predicted ZHR of 120 meteors per hr

please note this is a predicted rate, and could vary from 60 – 200 per hr, but could also be lower

the radiant for this shower will start in the NNW part of the sky

but will be in the Nth part of the sky as it reaches peak at approx 20.40 hrs

the radiant is located below the centre of the constellation of Draco

& to the right of the constellation of Hercules

as the radiant climbs through the sky into the 4th of January the ZHR will decrease

if you plan to observe / image this event remember to dress for the conditions