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Kelling Heath Spring Star Party 2015

by WebMistress

Kelling Heath Spring Star Party 2015 Six members of CMHASD attended the Kelling Heath Spring star party this year and a jolly good time was had by all. Highlights and funny moments of the trip include; a banjo, a snake, a rubber egg (you will have to ask the members about this), decorating thermos cups […]

Jodrell Bank visit 2013

by WebMistress

Several CMHASD members joined members of the Orpington Astronomical Society and took a very long trip to Jodrell Bank on the 15th June 2013. Below are a couple of photos and a great presentation put together by member Honor Wheeler of the day. Below is a slide show of the presentation written by Honor Wheeler […]

BAA Chichester Meeting April 2013

by WebMistress

Three members of CMHASD attended the BAA Chichester meeting back in April 2013. It was held at the South Downs Planetarium, Chichester and hosted by Dr John Mason MBA of the BAA. Below are a selection of photos taken by member Jim Burchell of that day.

Summer Outing 2010 – Mullard Space Labs

by WebMistress

Set in the Sussex countryside Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL) a world-leading space science laboratory and home to Guilford AS held an open day and we were invited along. 15 members attended the Mullard Space Labs open day hosted by UCL.  It was a good day with a nice meal in a local pub afterwards. Displays included […]