Reports from members of the 2010 Perseid meteor shower.

I observed on the 12th from 22.15 to 22.45 UT and saw 6 Perseids plus one sporadic. The sky was wonderfully clear and so variables won the day (or should I say night?). Roger Pickard

I was out from about ten to eleven until just after midnight (BST) (2010-08-12 to13). Visually, I thought the best one of the night was at 12.02(BST), about mag 1, low in the east parallel with the ground and heading straight for Jupiter. I also made a note: ‘11.36 Anomaly, single point flash at zenith.’ Anyone else see that? Perhaps it was Iridium, looked just like an aircraft, but only flashed once. Kevin Smith

Image of Perseid, not processed 5min exposure on astro track, canon 7D 10 to 20mm sigma lens. Taken at Stonebarrow near Charmouth. Julian Tworek.

Perseid 2010_JT01

The 12th was cloudy where I was in Cornwall but I saw 6 in 45 mins on the 13th and one sporadic – 4 faint meteors caught on camera (only one is a perseid) Full visual report was sent to the BAA along with a full photographic report. The photographic meteors were very faint so I haven’t included in this report but have created a graphic showing their positions. Simon Dawes