A number of members went out to Easter Island and Hao Atoll to watch the 2010 total solar eclipse on July 11, 2010. This is obviously a very remote area but the locals were well prepared and treated us astronomers really well. It was touch and go at times as to if the cloud would intervene but we struck lucky and saw the eclipse. Overall a very memorable trip.


Video shows a few minutes before, during and after Eclipse and shows how the lighting levels change as the Sun becomes obscured

Wide angle video of the eclipse taken by Crayford Member Val

Images by Arthur Cockburn

The pictures were taken at Hao Atoll French Polynesia, about 700 miles from Tahiti.
Canon 30D, 500mm mirror lens [35mm equivalent 800mm] f 8.8

The face on this unusual clock splits and rotates on the hour, exposing the inner workings, discovered by a member whilst on their eclipse trip in a hotel on Easter Island