XO-2b is an example of a transiting hot Jupiter orbiting an early K dwarf star (TYC 3413-5-1) Vmag 11.2. Orbiting close in it has a period of approx. 2.615 days and takes approx. 2 hours to complete the transit. So far only partial light curves have been obtained due to weather conditions. However, with all of the observations plotted (Keith Rickard, Martin Crow) about their local transit times a phase curve has been generated.

Star Designation(s)

TYC 3413-5-1 (TYC is also known as the Guide Star Catalog GSC)


J2000 RA: 7h48m06.47s DEC:+50°13’32.9″

Magnitude (Vmag)


Expected variation

0.02 Vmag


2.615857±0.000005 days (~2hr transit)