CMHASD Objectives:

  1. To improve Dartford Light Pollution for CMHASD observation at the Pavilion and geographically as far as possible, from x to y by date z as measured from the Pavilion using a calibrated Sky Quality Meter.
  2. To Link the Darkford event with the 60th Anniversary of CMHASD
  3. To make the community of Dartford (and beyond by association) aware of CMHASD and market our membership and outreach services:
  4. To increase the influence of CMHASD with local and national authorities to meet agreed objectives:
  5. To find and make allies with other organisations to achieve mutually agreeable objectives

Community Objectives:

  1. To identify and work with others (including Dartford Local Authority and the media) to designate a ‘Darkford Night’ that will (as far as possible) allow a general ‘switch off’ of external lighting for the citizens of Dartford to enjoy the night sky:
  2. To draw attention to the blight of light pollution and educate the community against unnecessary and anti-social use of external lighting:
  3. To promote dark-skies and ‘stargazing’ as a right for ALL citizens of Dartford (and beyond) and to show just what citizens are missing in the night sky:
  4. To increase interest in astronomy and ‘stargazing’ amongst children and adults alike:
  5. To urge thoughtful social-responsibility within business and industry to ensure that sensible use of nighttime lighting and avoidance of thoughtless and anti-social light polluting practice…..