12th August 2022 @ 11:00 pm – 13th August 2022 @ 4:30 am

From approx 23.00 Hrs on Friday the 12th of August – 04.30 Hrs of Saturday the 13th of August

the Perseid meteor shower will reach it’s peak with an estimated ZHR of 50 – 70 Meteors an Hour

please bear in mind this is an estimated rate and the No could be greater or lower than predicted

the full  Moon will be rising from approx 21.30 Hrs on the 12th

and setting at approx 06.30 Hrs on the morning of the 13th of August

with the light of dawn approaching from approx 04.30 Hrs any meteors will be lost to the eye

please note although this is the peak this shower is active from July 17th – August 24th

if you do plan to observe / image this event remember to dress for the conditions